MKO: U.S. state-sponsored terrorism against Iran

Since November ‎‏4‏‎, ‎‏1979‏‎, the MKO has been responsible for over ‎‏70‏‎ acts of terrorism within Iran, ‎which have claimed the lives of over ‎‏12,000‏‎ Iranians over the past three decades.

In a particularly blatant display of U.S. double standards, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‎announced that the Mojahedin Khalq (People’s Mojahedin), known also by the acronyms MKO, ‎MEK, and PMOI (People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran), and dedicated to the violent ‎overthrow of the legitimate government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, had been removed from ‎the United States’ list of designated terrorist organizations as of September ‎‏28‏‎, ‎‏2012‏‎. ‎

By removing the MKO from the list, the terrorist organization can now legally seek funding from ‎the U.S. government, some of whose officials have already received hundreds of thousands of ‎dollars in fees for speaking on its behalf. In addition, U.S. companies can now engage in business ‎transactions directly with the MKO without the necessity of obtaining a license.‎

The MKO is a cultish, Marxist-influenced radical terrorist organization with roots in the Freedom ‎Movement of Iran dating back to ‎‏1965‏‎ that was revitalized in the ‎‏1970‏s by a group of young ‎intelligentsia who had been influenced by foreign ideas about Islam, politics, and government. ‎The MKO began its armed struggle against the U.S.-supported shah in ‎‏1971‏‎ and continued its ‎efforts by joining the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The terrorist group assassinated at least six U.S. ‎citizens, participated in the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, and opposed the release of the ‎U.S. hostages, urging their execution instead. Later on, however, the MKO withdrew its support ‎for the revolution’s leadership and directly opposed the government of the fledgling Islamic ‎Republic. ‎

In the aftermath of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini submitted the ‎proposed constitution for an Islamic government to a public referendum on December ‎‏2‏‎, ‎‏1979‏‎. ‎The MKO rejected the concept of velayat-e faqih (rule of the supreme jurisprudent), abstained ‎from the referendum, and began to voice their opposing views by carrying out increasingly ‎violent acts, including assassinations and bombing attacks on government leaders.

On June ‎‏28‏‎ ‎‏1981‏‎, the MKO began a series of vicious attacks by bombing the headquarters of the ‎Islamic Republic Party during a meeting of party leaders, resulting in ‎‏74‏‎ fatalities. This was ‎followed by other terrorist attacks resulting in deaths and destruction at a time when the Islamic ‎Republic was engaged in its Sacred Defense against Saddam Hussein’s regime (the Iran-Iraq ‎war) from ‎‏1980‏‎ to ‎‏1988‏‎. ‎

Eventually forced into exile because of its terrorist activities within Iran, the MKO was given ‎asylum and financial support in Iraq by Saddam from ‎‏1986‏‎ until the time his regime was toppled ‎by the U.S. invasion in ‎‏2003‏‎. On July ‎‏26‏‎, ‎‏1988‏‎, after the UN-brokered ceasefire was accepted, a ‎‏7,000‏‎-man assault force from the MKO, armed by Saddam, invaded and attacked Iran, but was ‎forced to retreat back into Iraq three days later. According to the U.S. State Department, the ‎MKO aided Saddam’s Republican Guard in suppressing the ‎‏1991‏‎ Shia uprising in Iraq. ‎

Since November ‎‏4‏‎, ‎‏1979‏‎, the MKO has been responsible for over ‎‏70‏‎ acts of terrorism within Iran, ‎which have claimed the lives of over ‎‏12,000‏‎ Iranians over the past three decades. Other ‎humanitarian organizations place the figure of Iranian victims of terror even higher, while the ‎MKO itself claims that it has inflicted over ‎‏40,000‏‎ casualties within Iran. ‎

The U.S. State Department, acknowledging the terrorist group’s grizzly record, stated “the ‎Department does not overlook or forget the MKO’s past acts of terrorism, including its ‎involvement in the killing of U.S. citizens in Iran in the ‎‏1970‏s and an attack on U.S. soil in ‎‏1992‏‎.” According to news sources, the MKO is responsible for carrying out the assassinations of ‎leading Iranian scientists and when asked about this by a BBC correspondent, a senior State ‎Department official responded, “The United States government has not claimed that the MKO ‎was involved in the assassination of scientists in Iran.” ‎

The official added, “We believe that terrorism is terrorism no matter what country on earth it may ‎be practiced in or against any party that it may be practiced against. So we do not distinguish ‎between actions in or against Iran or in or against any other country.” This statement is especially ‎breathtaking, since the MKO is listed in the University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database ‎as one of the organizations responsible for the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran on ‎November ‎‏4‏‎, ‎‏1979‏‎. In other words, while continuing to hold the Iranian government responsible ‎for the U.S. embassy hostage crisis, the U.S. government has effectively pardoned one of the ‎actual perpetrators by removing its name from the terrorist list! ‎

So why has this obviously irrational delisting of the MKO taken place? Just as the Afghan ‎mujahedin were used in a covert U.S. war to overthrow the Soviet-aligned government in ‎Afghanistan, the MKO is being used in conjunction with Mossad to fight a covert war against ‎the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the U.S. trained members of the MKO at ‎the U.S. Department of Energy’s Nevada Security Site under the auspices of the Joint Special ‎Operations Command between ‎‏2005‏‎ and ‎‏2008‏‎. According to an unnamed source, as a result of ‎the Nevada JSOC training, “MKO now has a capacity for efficient operations that it never had ‎before.” ‎

It appears that as long as the terrorists commit their abominable acts in accordance with ‎Washington’s policy goals, they are not treated as terrorists but instead as allies, and even while ‎they are still officially listed as terrorists by the State Department. As arch-Zionist Alan ‎Dershowitz would undoubtedly agree, the MKO may still be terrorists, but they are now the ‎United States’ terrorists. No doubt, deceased Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson, the ‎mastermind of Operation Cyclone, would agree as well.‎‎‏102268‏‎-mko-us-state-sponsored-terrorism-against-iran