Obama shoots himself in the foot

Director of the foreign policy department of the research center of Iranian parliament said that ‎Obama’s decision to delist MEK as a terrorist organization “will certainly be met with disdain in Iran and ‎the rest of the world and will create a negative impression of Obama’s rhetoric about fighting against ‎terrorism.‎”

‎“The United States recently removed the Mojahedin Khalq Organization from its list of foreign terrorist ‎organizations, despite the fact that the MKO has been widely recognized as a terrorist group by the ‎international community,” wrote Mohammad Jamshidi in an article published for the Tehran Times ‎newspaper.‎

After paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a high profile team of former Members of Congress ‎‎and ex-administration officials, the terrorist MEK group, whose hands are ‎smeared up to the elbow in ‎the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians bought its way out ‎of the U.S. list of Foreign ‎Terrorist Organizations (FTO). ‎

‎“Pundits believe that Washington’s priority in its dealings with the MKO over the past few years has ‎been the protection of U.S. interests and not the terrorist activities of the MKO in Iran, Iraq, and other ‎countries,” added Jamshidi. ‎

He noted that the MKO remained a terrorist group while it became an instrument in the hands of the ‎U.S. government to serve its interests, especially when it comes to countering the rising influence of ‎Iran in the Middle East. ‎

Jamshidi referred to MKO’s efforts to win the brownie points with the United Staets, saying “over the ‎years, MKO members have provided U.S. and European intelligence agencies reports about Iran’s ‎nuclear program, some of which were disinformation. “‎

‎“The ‎‏2013‏‎ presidential election in Iran will also provide another opportunity for the MKO to conduct ‎activities against the Iranian government and people.”‎

‎“Obama’s decision will certainly be met with disdain in Iran and the rest of the world and will create a ‎negative impression of Obama’s rhetoric about fighting against terrorism,” he added.‎

‎“U.S. citizens have now gained a better perception and a more detailed picture of what Obama’s ‎foreign policy stands for and are beginning to realize that the U.S. government’s so-called campaign ‎against terrorism is just a pretext to realize its goals.”‎

He concluded that since ‎‏2009‏‎, Obama has repeatedly declared that he will make every effort to gain ‎the trust of the Iranian government and people. “However, by delisting the MKO, Obama shot himself ‎in the foot.”‎