Habilian Released Datagram on Student Victims of Terror in Iran

For the first time, a detailed datagram about terror victims who were students was published by Habilian.
According to Habilian, this datagram, which includes the statistics on student victims of terror from 1978 to 2011, has been published in the form of infographics and charts categorized by the location of terror, operations of terrorist groups, number of terror victims, average age, gender, education level, and names and characteristics of victims.
In addition to the analysis of terrorist incidents, it is mentioned in the datagram that 643 students ranging from 6 to 18 years old were murdered as a result of different terrorist groups’ operations in various parts of the country among whom 130 students were below 10 and 513 others were between 11 and 18 years of age. There were 55 female and 588 male students.
Twenty eight students were killed in direct, targeted terrorist operations, 11 in suicide operations, 33 in bombings, 454 in blind assassinations and roadblocks, 12 in hostage-taking operations and torture by terrorists, 100 by terrorist mines in different areas, and 5 others in terrorist operations directly planned and conducted by the American government and army, which is referred to as "state terrorism".
It is worth mentioning that the MEK terrorist group, with assassinating 146 students, takes up the largest proportion of terror (%22) in the country.
This datagram has been compiled by examining and statistically analyzing hundreds of documents from various sources on terror victims for the first time after more than 4 decades since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Terror Victims based on Terror Location

The total number of student victims (from 1978 to 2011) is 643. The highest number belongs to Kurdistan province with 150 victims and the lowest number belongs to Hormozgan province with 1 victim.

Kordestan Province - 150 Martyrs
West-Azarbiyijan Province - 112 Martyrs
Tehran Province - 62 Martyrs
East-Azarbiyijan Province - 34 Martyrs
Golestan Province - 34 Martyrs
Kermanshah Province - 29 Martyrs
Markazi Province - 21 Martyrs
Gilan Province - 16 Martyrs
Fars Province - 16 Martyrs
Sistan and Baluchestan Province - 14 Martyrs
Lorestan Province - 14 Martyrs
Mazandaran Province - 14 Martyrs
Zanjan Province - 14 Martyrs
Khuzestan Province - 13 Martyrs
Hamedan Province - 12 Martyrs
Semnan Province - 12 Martyrs
Isfahan Province - 10 Martyrs
Qom Province - 9 Martyrs
North-Khorasan Province - 9 Martyrs
Khorasan Razavi Province - 7 Martyrs
Qazvin Province - 7 Martyrs
Yazd Province - 7 Martyrs
Ardebil Province - 5 Martyrs
Alborz Province - 4 Martyrs
South-Khorasan Province - 4 Martyrs
Kerman Province - 3 Martyrs
Ilam Province - 3 Martyrs
Bushehr Province - 2 Martyrs
Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province - 2 Martyrs
Kohkiluye and Boyerahmad Province - 2 Martyrs
Hormozgan Province - 1 Martyr

Statistics on operations of terrorist groups based on the number of terror victims

Anti-revolutionary forces
430 Martyrs
12 Martyrs
Takfiri Groups
1 Martyr
146 Martyrs
US State Terrorism
5 Martyrs
1 Martyr
Democratic Party of Kurdestan
26 Martyrs
Union of Iranian Communists
2 Martyrs
1 Martyr
17 Martyrs
2 Martyrs

Average Age of Student Victims of Terror


The youngest student was Omid Rahimi Darbandeh with 5.5 years of age from Kurdistan province who was murdered by anti-revolutionary forces, and the oldest student was Rajab Soheili with 18.6 years of age from Golestan province who was killed by the MEK terrorist group. May they rest in peace.

Number of victims based on gender and education level

  • Female students

    55 victims
  • Male students

    588 victims
  • Elementary school

    214 victims
  • Middle school

    204 victims
  • High school

    225 victims
  • Total

    643 victims