Prosecutor likens MKO's blind terror attacks to those of Daesh

An Iranian prosecutor has said crimes committed by the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MKO) terrorist group against the Iranian nation are similar to those carried out by the Daesh terror group because both groups resort to blind attacks to inflict more casualties upon civilians.

The prosecuting attorney made the remarks in the fifth session of the trial of 104 members of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), which was held in absentia in the capital Tehran on Tuesday.

According to the legal official, both terrorist groups use explosive materials with the same features; for instance, Daesh terrorists use suicide vests filled with shrapnel and nails, causing more casualties, and MKO elements utilize bombs and other explosives to kill more individuals as well.

Pointing to the history of assassinations conducted by the MKO terrorist group in Iran, the prosecutor noted that the group was aided and abetted by Iraq’s Baath regime during Saddam Hussain’s dictatorship and then created connections with the United States Congress.

Earlier, the Tehran criminal court held hearings concerning atrocities committed by 33 MKO terrorists based on visual and written documents, and the court announced that fugitive members of the MKO terrorist group must introduce their attorneys to the court to represent their clients’ cases.

The indictment of the crimes committed by ringleaders and members of the MKO terrorist group is comprised of over 700 pages, and the court is attended by journalists, and some of the families of the victims affected by the MKO terrorism. Furthermore, five lawyers of the defendants also attended the trial.