Families of Terror Victims’ Statement on the Tragic Kerman Terror Attack

Following the deadly terrorist incident in Kerman, families of terror victims issued a statement, which reads as follows.

The shocking news of the terror attack in Kerman and the martyrdom of a great number of innocent civilians profoundly saddened the Iranian nation and families of terror victims.
People of Kerman and other compatriots who gathered together to commemorate General Qassem Soleimani, the honorable commander and the great leader in the fight against terrorism in West Asia, near his tomb on his fourth assassination anniversary became the target of the wrath of the long-standing enemies of the Iranian nation. As a result, children, women, and men expressing gratitude for the unparalleled valor of the resistance axis commander were savagely attacked by the terrorists.

This measure of terrorists on such a day and in such a place is undoubtedly a sign of continuation of the lethal pain that they have suffered due to the bravery and strategic moves of this Iranian great general during his struggle against terrorism. It also indicates how influential the thoughts of Martyr Soleimani have been in Iran and throughout the vast geography of West Asia. We believe that the historic defeat of the apartheid Zionist regime has led to their futile efforts in exporting insecurity and crisis outside its false borders and one should analyze the recent terrorist actions in this context.

The families of the country’s terror victims, while offering their condolences to the families of the martyrs of Kerman and all the people of Iran, ask the responsible authorities of the country to take all necessary measures to properly respond to the perpetrators of this heinous act of terror.

Habilian Association
(Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism)
January 4, 2024