MEK Trial Judge: Host Government Complicit in Forcible Detention of Members

Judge Dehghani Nia, the presiding judge in the trial of 104 members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) terrorist group, stated that many members of the group are being held forcibly in the MEK’s camp, which could implicate the host governments in detaining individuals illegally.

According to Habilian, the judge addressed European and Albanian judicial authorities, saying that if the court trying MEK members receives complaints from the families of these members, the court will deal with these complaints according to the law. Many of these individuals are being held there against their will.

The judge went further, stating that although this specific accusation is not formally part of the charges, it will still be considered under Article 341 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Essentially, if the allegation is true, it implicates the governments housing these MEK members in imprisoning individuals who do not wish to be there. This is a serious accusation that holds these countries accountable.

Judge Dehghani Nia also extended an invitation for broader participation. He announced that the court will release a contact number specifically for complaints. This hotline is available to anyone, including Iranians living abroad, who wish to file a complaint against the MEK, the governments hosting them, or the defendants in this case. Individuals can use this number and other methods to contact Branch 11 of the Tehran Province Criminal Court 1.

Finally, he issued a warning to the host countries of the MKO group, stating, "These governments are hereby notified that if we receive a complaint regarding their actions, the court will initiate proceedings and take legal action against them in accordance with the regulations."