Habilian exhibition in Javadnia Garrison

Habilian Association (Families of terror victims in Iran) held the exhibition “Iran; victim of terrorism” in Javadnia garrison near the city of Qazwin. In this exhibition which was warmly welcomed by the soldiers and the commanders, new unknown dimensions of the crimes committed by Mujahedin-e Khalq (MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCRI, NLA, Rajavis’ cult…) terrorist organization were brought to the eyes of the soldiers and the commanders of the training camp.

The visitors got familiar with the MKO long history of terror and violence through undeniable documents many of which extracted from MKO publications and documents in which they had assumed responsibility for committing terrorist operations while calling their innocent targets “the agents of the regime”.

Moreover many documents about other MKO treasons including MKO leader’s confessions to SAVAK which resulted in arrestment and execution of the organization’s cadres, the story of Masoud and Maryam Rajavi’s illegitimate marriage, their internal relations and abuse of women within the cult as well as the compulsory divorces, their ridiculous confession sessions and meetings, their alliance with former Iraqi dictator and the treasonous role they played during Iraq-Iran war, human rights violations the rank and file members are subject to, their bloody hand in massacre of Iraqi Kurds and suppressing Shiites uprisings, their disgusting role in showing off the Mossad provided fake information over Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, their advertising and recruitment tricks….were only a part of what the visitors met in the exhibition.

The audience also got familiar with other counter-Revolutionary groups ad movements and seditious elements, as well as deviant sects such as the Baha'ism and the Hojjatiyeh.

Meanwhile, the visitors were provided with Habilian Association’s software products over the MKO history and crimes as well as information about terror victims and some documentaries were played for them over MKO crimes during the war.

A full list of the names of over 16000 Iranian terror victims, mostly assassinated by MKO terrorist cult was also shown to the viewers.

At the closing ceremony which was attended by a group of local authorities, Habilian Association Secretary General counted out a number of MKO crimes and emphasized on the necessity of finding a better political awareness for better standing against the conspiracies of the enemies.