Abbas Goudarzi

Abbas Goudarzi was born in Rey, Tehran on May 9, 1962. He joined the anti-Shah revolutionaries. Fascinated with the charismatic character and speeches of Imam Khomeini, Abbas dedicated his life to the propagation of Islamic culture and the freedom message of the Supreme Leader of Iran.

He found a job as a truck chauffeur so that he could travel to different cities and disseminate the message of Imam. After Islamic Revolution, Mr. Goudarzi got married and then moved to Karaj. They had four children. After the Iraqi Ba’ath Army launched a full-scale invasion of Iran, he set off to the war front as a reporter to document the crimes of Saddam and his allies. After returning from the war-stricken areas, he organized several photo galleries in schools to illustrate the brutalities of the Iraqi Ba’ath regime. Such activities had troubled the MKO group to the extent that they threatened him several times. Abbas, however, continued his duty as a reporter bravely.

After the adoption of United Nations Security Council resolution 598 S/RES/0598, Abbas Goudarzi began making documentaries about the 8-year war and the life of martyrs such as Red Dog Tag and To the Coast. He also produced more than 500 programs on the life of infallible Imams.

Abbas continued his work as a cameraman and documentary maker for several years. In 2009, he began his new program Motherland with the theme of consolidating and unifying tribes in Sistan Baluchistan Province. Along with his crew, he had several trips to this province.

On October 18, 2009, he was killed along with 42 others after a suicide bomber exploded himself in a meeting in the southwestern city of Pishin, Sistan Baluchistan Province. The attack was staged by Jundallah terrorist group.

His wife said in a message, “the heads of states supporting Jundallah terrorist group should be held accountable for this incident. How do they speak of human rights while they are the main supporters of the terrorists? What was the crime of my husband and other people martyred in Pishin attack?”

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