MKO claims responsibility for assassination of four volunteers in Mazandaran

The Mujahedeen-e Khalq terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the assassination of four volunteers in Mazandaran in 1982.

According to Habilian Association database (Specialized Center of Research on the MKO's Crimes), the MKO terrorist group has made the confession in a news published in No. 143 of the Journal of Mujahid, the group’s main press organ during early years of the 80s.

According to the confession, on April 7, 1982, an operational unit of MKO in Mazandaran forests, during an ambush-style attack, shot and killed four volunteers in a forest track in Ghaemshahr-Ghaladika road in Mazandaran Province. The victims’ identities are not mentioned in the confession. Ambush-style attacks were among the common techniques of terror practiced by the MKO during the early years of the 80s.

It should be mentioned that the group’s journal has not mentioned any governmental affiliation for the victims and just has accused them of being ‘assistants and spies of the regime’.