MKO assassinates commander of Khuzestan’s Gendarmerie

The Mujahedeen e-Khalq terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the assassination of commander of Khuzestan’s Gendarmerie in 1983.

According to Habilian Association database (Specialized Center of Research on the MKO's Crimes), the MKO terrorist group has made the confession in No. 144 of the Mujahid Journal, the group’s main press organ during early years of the 80s.

According to this news that the MKO’s publication has referred to it as a document for its bravely operations, on March 12, 1983, Colonel Sepehri, commander of Khuzestan’s Gendarmerie, along with other Iranian high-ranking military officials, were reviewing a parade from the loge, when he was assassinated by an infiltrator agent of MeK who had penetrated among the the ranks of soldiers. According to the news, during the attack, Colonel Sepehri was killed and his companions were severely injured.