Exhibition at Imam Reza high school of Mashhad

Titled as "a review on hypocrisy", another exhibition was organized by Habilian Association at Imam Reza high school of Mashhad.

The exhibition included a variety of subjects from the Mujahedin e-Khalq organization’s background to the early post-revolution events and MKO’s role in numerous plots against the Islamic revolution. MKO’s crimes and their assassination of more than 12000 Iranian civilians, their escape to Iraq and collaboration with the dictator Saddam’s regime during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, MKO’s role in suppression of Iraqi Kurds and Shiites uprising, Spoliation of Iraqi nation’s wealth by the MKO, MKO’s inner-ethnic relations, etc, were among other topics discussed during the event.

Some other documents were presented in the exhibition including: MKO’s Humiliating attitude towards the women, Making own members to commit suicide, human trafficking in the cult, torture, money laundering, brain washing and moral corruption of MKO leaders and their connection to international terrorist groups.

Baha’i cult’s 160 year long history and a review on the cult’s misgivings and false accusations against Islam were among topics discussed during the event.

Some posters were also dedicated to revealing Bahais role in the post 2008 Iranian presidential elections riots and the organized levels of turning to Baha’i, the cult’s symbols, and how two British agents, Abdolbaha, the former leader of Baha’i cult, and Salman Rushdi, the writer of the book “Satanic Verse” were given the title of “Sir” by the British Monarch.

Some related books and bulletins on MKO terrorist group were presented in another part of the exhibition along with some speeches of the Imam Khomeini and the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei on the necessity of knowing the enemy and a wise attitude towards Fitna.