Exhibtion at a mosque in Birjand

On the occasion of the anniversary of Islamic Revolution's victory, Habilian Association organized another exhibition in Birjand.

The exhibition presented posters with topics including an introduction to terror and violence history in Iran, the eclectic thoughts of Muahedin e-Khalq organization’s founders, a thorough review of torture methods in the terrorist group, psychology of Masoud Rajavi (MKO’s leader) and the cult’s brainwashing methods.

Other topics included cooperation between the MKO and some anti Islamic republic groups under the cover of Human Rights entities, MKO’s role in guiding other terrorist groups such as Forqan, informing the youth on MKO’s method of spying, a review on some conspiracies conducted by the MKO which led to failure such as the Amol event and MKO’s cooperation with western intelligence services.