Exhibition at at Imam Reza industrial complex of Mashhad

A 7-day long exhibition was held at Imam Reza industries of Mashhad with an emphasis on Mujahedin e-Khalq organization’s background.

A variety of topics were covered in this event including MKO’s establishment and its current status, ideological deviations of the terrorist group’s founders, MKO’s inner cultish regulations, mistreatment of own members by the cult leaders, introduction of Iranian victims of terror, the terrorist group’s treason during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, and MKO’s espionage methods.

Another part of the exhibition presented some posters with topics like MKO’s plans for infiltration into Iranian governmental organizations and entities and MKO members’ leading role in the riots after Iranian presidential election in 2009.

At the end, some Habilian products including books, software products and bulletins were provided to visitors.