‎Habilian SG: MEK supporting attack on Iran

Director of an Iranian human rights organization said yesterday MKO’s warmongering efforts against ‎their own country, reveals the fact that they do not count on Iranian people and they know they have ‎lost all credibility.‎

Seeing that it has burned all its bridges in Iran, the terrorist MKO group is supporting US and Israeli ‎attacks on Iran, Habilian Association Secretary-General told the Iranian newspaper Javan on Tuesday

He went on to refer to some international organizations’ reports on the terrorist MKO group such as a ‎‏2009‏‎ RAND Corporation report (The Mujahedin-e Khalq in Iraq: A Policy Conundrum), saying these ‎reports suggest that the organization has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and ‎officials, and that they are seriously despised by Iranian people on account of their multiple treasons in ‎killing people and supporting Saddam during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran.‎

‎“The United States, aware of all these, delists them, which is an outright hostility towards Iranian ‎people,” Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad added.‎

In order to halt countries’ progress, Hasheminejad added, the United States backs internal conflicts ‎inside countries, just like what they did in Iraq. “They plan such a scenario for Iran. Now any group who ‎has such capability is good for them, let alone the MKO who holds some ‎‏50‏‎ years of experience, speak ‎our language well, practiced espionage as part of their job, and betrays with no limitations and is proud ‎of it.”‎

‎“That is why the United States embraced MKO, although they (MKO members) may bring dishonor to ‎the United States.”‎

Habilian Association Secretary-General added that “the United States committed a crime against the ‎members of the MKO group by leaving them with their ringleaders.” “If the United States separated ‎the group’s leaders from members, we would not face the current state of the organization.”‎

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