Iraqis react over removal of MEK from US terrorism list

Ending the presence of the MKO in Iraq and the consequences of their remaining in the country are ‎among the main topics discussed in Iraq’s political circles.‎

In a conference organized by the Iraqi Center for Media Development, a number of Iraqi officials and ‎ordinary people came together in the capital Baghdad to talk about the efforts of the US government ‎to remove the MKO from the international terrorist organization’s list.‎

The tribal leaders criticized the silence of the United Nation’s towards this act and said that such step is ‎raising doubts about the US intentions in the region and reveals the US future plans especially against ‎Iran.‎

The organizers showed frustration toward the intervention of the US government in this issue, saying ‎that the US is putting pressures on the Iraqi officials to keep the MKO in Iraq.‎

They said the main motive is to use MKO to launch attacks against the neighboring country.‎

Political observers say that the Iraqi government should take some serious steps toward the expulsion ‎of the MKO.‎

The group is especially notorious in Iran for having sided with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ‎during the ‎‏1980-1988‏‎ Iran-Iraq war.‎

The attendees have condemned the efforts of the US government’s efforts in removing the MKO ‎from the international terrorist Organization’s list and criticized the response of the United Nations ‎towards such behavior, moreover many political observers have warned of the consequences of the ‎remaining of the MKO in Iraq saying that the step has been taken to keep them in the country.‎‎‏2012/10/24/268408‏‎/iraqis-react-over-the-removal-of-the-mko-‎from-the-terrorism-list/