‘Saudi Arabia must stop supporting terrorists’

Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen said on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia hurried to break off ties with Iran, noting that the Kingdom must stop supporting terrorists.

Speaking to reporters in Baku, the ambassador said Saudi Arabia faces two choices – either to support terrorism or establish good relations with the regional countries. “Saudi Arabia can become a friend of Iran, if correcting its attitude,” said Pak Ayeen.

The Iranian state was seriously fighting against terrorism even before international coalitions, he added.

“The countries creating terrorist groups as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State are now creating international coalitions as if they are fighting against terrorism. And the regional countries don’t take such coalitions seriously,” said the ambassador.

He noted that Iran stands ready to cooperate with other countries in fight against terrorism. “Today, part of Syria, Iraq and Yemen are countering terrorism and Iran is supporting them,” Pak Ayeen said.