'I killed a grocer and blew up his store'

Along with 5 more MKO terrorists, Reza Dastpas participated in a series of terror attacks resulted in 11 deaths in Tehran.

The following are parts of his confessions broadcast on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB):

Under the nom de guerre Sohrab Bahrami and Mohammad Reza Mansouri, I joined the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a.) in late 1979. I began my activities in the MKO as a librarian. I then was moved to the Propagation Section to sell books and magazines and distribute the cult’s declarations. In 1980, I joined the Student Section in which I participated in holding exhibitions in schools and elsewhere. There was a clash between us and the pro-government people in one of the exhibitions, following which I was arrested and imprisoned for 3 hours. Having released from prison, I resumed my activities. I was arrested again in June 17, 1981 during a clash with the pro-government forces and held under arrest for 2 hours. After that I was involved in another job which was listening to the radio and transcribing the articles read in there. After a while I was assigned to a PR job again, writing and distributing statements. Then we were told to commit assassinations. In all operations I and my commander rode a motorbike. The following is a summary of the operations I participated in:

1. Attack on a grocer and blowing up his grocery store: Our first operation was on Azadi Ave., Jay St. against a grocer. We had to target a man called Qassem Haqiqat and blow up his shop. The grocer sustained injuries by 5 bullets I fired at him and his shop was destroyed by a hand grenade.

2. Attack on a Revolutionary Guard: We went to target the Guard in Pirouzi Ave., Nabard St., Farzaneh Intersection. He was injured as a result of shooting at him.

3. Attack on Al-Hadi Foundation: The building was located in Damavand Ave., Tehran No St., at the corner of Qassem Abad petrol station. The MKO has said the foundation is a center for the police forces which must be exploded. My commander threw a hand bomb and two hand grenades into the building. A man was injured and the building was destroyed.

4. Attack on a man called Ahmad Fallah and exploding his shop: The nut shop was located in North Kargar Ave., across Bank-e-Melli. Ahmad Fallah was martyred as shooting two bullets at him and his shop was destroyed as a hand grenade attack.

5. Attack on a man called Javad Tajik: His immersion heater shop was located in Khajeh Nezamolmolk St. He was working when he was shot with two bullets.

6. Attack on Bonyad-e-Mostaz’afan: The building was located in Apadana St. We threw two hand bombs on the building before I shot 5 bullets at it. We then jumped on the motorbike to get away from the scene. Having driven for no more than 10 to 15 meters, we were shot by the police, as a result of which my commander was killed and I was injured and arrested.

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