‘I conducted several terror attacks in Tehran’

Along with 5 more MKO terrorists, Ahmad Biabanaki participated in a series of terror attacks resulted in 11 deaths in Tehran. The terrorists' confessions were broadcast on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), in which they confessed to attacks on Islamic Revolution's Prosecutor, Foundation of the Oppressed and Al-Hadi Foundation and killing and wounding several people. In the TV interview, Ahmad Biabanaki admitted participating in 6 terror attacks. Following is an excerpt of his confessions:

“Under the nom de guerres Sa'eedi, Amiri, Mas'oud, Akbar and Abolqassem, I led two military units in Tehran before I was arrested on March 4, 1985. I was arrested once before for supporting the MKO, which I was released after 9 months.

I went to Kurdistan province in west Iran in early 1983 where I was trained in the MKO bases for a year. There I was acquainted with a man called Amir Hashemi (Habib), along with whom I came back to Tehran. In Tehran we managed to conduct several successful terror attacks, but failed in one operation. The details of the attacks are as follows:

1. Attack on a member of Revolutionary Guards forces in Golbarg St., Resalat: I fired at the officer and Habib was abetting me. The officer called Hamid Gheibi was killed due to the operation which took place at 8 a.m.

2. Attack on a man called Gholam-Hussein Abbasi: This took place in Tehran's Majidiyeh district in spring 1983. While in his shop, I fired 4-5 bullets at Abbasi before Amir Hashemi threw a hand grenade into the shop and blew it up.

3. Attack on a carpet seller: A man called Ja'far Aqa Razi was introduced to us to be assassinated in his shop. This was also done in spring 1983. This time Amir Hashemi was to fire at the man. He entered the shop as a Communications Office clerk. Aqa Rzai realized the plot and got out of his shop but Amir shot him dead and then we fled the scene.

4. Attack on a tailor: A man called Abolqassem Sepehr was introduced to us to be assassinated in his shop in South Eskandari St. The tailor was killed due to my firing 4-5 bullets at him.

5. Attack on a car accessories shop: A man called Bargir was introduced to us to be assassinated in his shop in Gomrok St. close to Estakhr Junction. I fired 4-5 bullets at him.

6. Attack on a grocer: In our last operation, a man called Haj Behnoud was introduced to us to be assassinated in his grocer's in Azarbaijan St. between Karoun and Qasroddasht Streets. Amir was abetting me when I shot the man to death.

Then Amir Hashemi was killed in an operation in Khazaneh district and two other members joined me.”