‘I conducted 4 operations before being caught’

Along with 5 more MKO terrorists, Saeed Jalali participated in a series of terror attacks resulted in 11 deaths in Tehran before they were arrested.

The following are parts of his confessions broadcast on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB):

Under the aliases Mohsen, Bahman, Kaveh Mirkhalili, Karim Valipour, Jamali and Moqaddasi, I joined the MKO in 1980. As a new member, I was mainly selling the cults’ publications in my own neighborhood until June 13, 1981 (beginning of the MKO’s military phase). From then on, I joined a militia team, with whom I had two failed operations to set two libraries on fire. I was arrested on August 6, 1981 before I escaped from the jail after 3 months and went to the western province of Kurdistan where I stayed in various bases for more than a year. Then I was moved to Iraq’s Kurdistan, where I was trained for military operations before I was sent to Tehran in about September 1984. After about two weeks of staying in Ali Arjmand Haqiqi’s house, I was introduced to Mohammad Reza Salmani to make a two-people terror team. We had 4 operations before we were arrested in April 1985:

1. Assassinating a man called Ali Qomi in Golbarg St., Narmak. I was the commander and the firing person while Mohammad Reza was riding a motorbike. The target was owner of a dairy store. We stopped the motorbike near the store and I went inside. I shot Ali Qomi, standing with his back to me and rushed away. I injured another person who tried to follow us.

2. Assassinating a man called Ebrahim Moradi: I was the commander while Mohammad Reza was to shoot.

3. Assassinating a man called Masoud Zahedi in Shahid Rajaei Primary School, Behboudi St.: To make sure Zahedi was inside the school, Mohammad Reza Salmani went to the school. He returned and we went to complete the mission. He shot Zahedi dead and I killed one of his colleagues named Hassan Mehmandoust who was trying to catch me. There was another possible injured during the shooting.

4. Launching RPG rockets on the Islamic Revolution’s Attorney General Office in Shariati St.: I was acting as the commander while Mohammad Reza was the firing person.

I was arrested on April 9, 1985.