Confessions of Mohammad-Ali Arjmand

Along with 5 more MKO terrorists, Mohammad Ali Arjmand participated in a series of terror attacks resulted in 11 deaths in Tehran during 1960s.
The following are parts of his confessions broadcasted on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB):
I was cooperating with the MKO under the nom de guerre Khoshkam and Ja’far Rezazadeh.
My support for the MKO dates back to the time I was studying at Newcastle University in the UK. I came to join the cult through the Muslim Students Association where I distributed newspapers in the college.
Back to Iran, it was in September 1984 that a man called Mr. Jalali came to my home and stayed with me for about 10 days. I received calls from abroad ordering me to obey Mr. Jalali. He left my home and, after a while, ordered me to start my work in a shop as an electrician. I used the shop as a cover for my terror efforts, including carrying packages I found to be weapons later. I was notified about the details by the same phone calls from abroad.
I carried 6 packages from different places located in various parts of Tehran. The packages contained weapons such as hand grenades, pistols, Uzi guns, RPG rockets and something else like cyanide tabs, documents, newspapers, etc. I delivered to Mr. Jalali.