‘I set 8 cars on fire’

Along with 5 more MKO terrorists, Ahmad Abbasi participated in a series of terror attacks resulted in 11 deaths in Tehran. The terrorists' confessions were broadcast on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

The following are confessions by Ahmad Abbasi, a Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) member:

Under the nom de guerres Mohammad, Yunos, Mohammadi and Mojtaba Khodasafian, I joined the MKO in about May 1984. We started by writing slogans against the Islamic Republic, distributing MKO declarations and pouring glue into the locks of the pro-Revolution’s shops. Then, as a three-member group, we moved to military operations and attacks in which we set 8 cars on fire up to January 1985.

In the first attack, we set fire on an Alfa Romeo belonging to a pro-Revolution man in 158 St., Tehranpars.

The second one was a Ford car belonging to the Communication Department on which we set fire in 160 St., Tehranpars.

There was another car we set on fire in 162 St. I think. It was a Leyland truck belonging to the municipality.

We also set a government Land Rover on fire.

The head of the group changed three times during the operations. Under the fourth head, we set 4 more cars on fire. These included setting a Jeep belonging to the municipality, a Paykan Vanette belonging to the Construction Jihad, another Jeep belonging to the municipality and a Paykan belonging to Housing Organization. We set them on fire in Dardasht St., Narmak, Shahid Kazemi Alley, Hengam St., 59 Square, Narmak and Minoo St., Narmak, respectively.