'Foot Soldiers, planners of terrorism target Muslims'

A senior Iranian Member of Parliament says blowing up bombs in the mosques and streets and the escalation of suicide operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria are planned and perpetrated with the purpose of killing Muslims.

“The results and achievements of the Second International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims should not be limited to the victims of terrorism as these they have lived with the consequences of terrorist moves,” Hossein Nejabat said. “Therefore, it is essential to inform the public opinion around the world in order to take the lid off the state sponsors of terrorism.”

The representative of Tehran in the Iranian Parliament urged the Habilian Association, as the organizer of this conference, to convey the Islamic Republic’s rightful message to the world.

“We should use the public diplomacy in order to integrate Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he added.

Nejabat continued that the viewpoints of these victims of terrorism should be synthesized and some treaties and conventions should be passed to help Iran’s strategic policies for laying bare the crimes of terrorist countries.”

He added that Islamic Republic of Iran does not pursue the tit for tat strategy in its fight against terrorism because of it is unreasonable and anti-Islamic. “But we can make free nations associate themselves with our freedom loving policies by spilling the beans in a deliberate way.”

“Zionists and Western countries play the role of planners and financial supporters of the evil phenomenon of terrorism,” he stated. “And some countries in the Middle East implement the western countries’ purposes against humanity. That is why most suicide operations and bombings in the Middle East are waged against Islamic countries.”

“In order to converge the victims of terrorism, Islamic Republic of Iran has no way but to expose the planners and foot soldiers of terrorism,” Hossein Nejabat added, concluding that “Iran should take advantage of the hegemonic powers’ information technology such as satellite, Internet and social networks.”