Habilian Exhibition at Behshar's office of culture and Islamic guidance

Habilian Association held an exhibition at Behshar's office of culture and Islamic guidance with the purpose of shedding light on the true nature of two deviated groups: Baha'i cult and Hojjatieh Society.

Organized by Habilian Association, the event was hosted by Behshar's office of culture and Islamic guidance and it was aimed to depict how the Iranian nation has passed through all the crises they have encountered since the Islamic Revolution took place.

The exhibition included posters with contents on Imam Khomeini's guidelines and the measures he adopted to confront the anti-revolutionary and terrorist groups, ethnic tensions, etc.

Other parts of the exhibition addressed issues such as the occupation of American espionage house (second revolution), explosion in Islamic Republic party's office, MKO's infiltration into Banisadr's office, Tudeh party from establishment to the coup, a full review on Nojeh coup from the beginning up to its suppression, etc.

Deviated Hojjatieh Society's history, history of Forqan terrorist group, rebellion supported by Iraqi Ba'ath regime in Khuzestan province, Kurdistan's 10 year long uproar, the U.S support of terrorist groups and Sistan&Baluchestan's organized riots were among other topics raised in the exhibition.

At the end all relevant Habilian products, including Rahnama monthly, were provided to the visitors.