Basirat exhibiton at directorial center of Khorasan Razavi's Hawzah

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Islamic Revolution's victory, a 7 day long Basirat exhibition was hosted by directorial center of Khorasan Razavi's Hawzah.

The exhibition was organized to review the critical events that have occurred during the past three decades in Iran and also to have a glance at two deviated groups in the country: Hojjatieh Society and the Baha'i cult. The event was welcomed by the clerics visiting the center.

Mr.Bazargan’s transitional government, the ones left behind of the revolution train, Imam khomeini’s attitude towards the transitional government, Banisadr’s fall, the result of violating law and Islam, a detailed review on Nowjeh coup from the beginning up to its suppression, the necessity of cultural revolution and correction of the educational system’s contents, cultural revolution’s achievements, Forqan terrorist grouplet and the people martyred by Forqan were among the most important topics covered during the event.

Deviated Hojjatieh Society's history, terrorist Mujahedin e-khalq organization (MKO,MEK,NCRI), MKO after the victory of Islamic Revolution, MKO’s relations with Saddam and the reasons why the Iraqi imposed war on Iran was continued after Khorramshahr was freed, were other issues discussed in the exhibition.

A review on Baha'i founders' beliefs, Baha'i ties with the Pahlavi regime, their connection to the UK and Israel, the cult's services to western intelligence, ethical and intellectual deviations of Baha'is, and their recruitment methods were also among the topics covered during the event.