‘UN turns a blind eye to Israel in nuclear issue’

Unfortunately, the United Nations turns a blind eye to the Israeli regime and shows double standards in the regional issues, says an Iraqi Member of Parliament in an exclusive interview with Habilian Association.

Referring to MKO’s recent allegations accusing Tehran of building a secret nuclear site, MP Rafe’ Abdul Jabbar said “Nuclear energy is Iran’s inalienable right” just like many other countries who are exercising the right to enrich Uranium.

Iraqi MP censured the glacial pace in the relocation process of members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, aka MKO and NCRI) in the third countries and said, “Baghdad is obeying the UN in this regard and this organization is obeying the US,” Rafe’ Abdul Jabbar said in an exclusive interview with Habilian Association, adding “we should admit that Iraq’s independence is still faraway”.

He said Iraq’ obedience to the UN decisions is the main reason in the inability of Iraq to expel members of the MKO group, adding that MKO’s activities may influence the Tehran-Baghdad relations.

The terrorist MKO group-let based itself in Iraq during the 1980s and abetted the Iraqi dictator in his war on Iran.

With the fall of Saddam, MKO seemingly made drastic changes changing from an anti-imperialist group to a friend of the very imperialists.