Common nightmare of the MKO and Israel

With the expected openness for diplomacy between Iran and US governments following the UN annual general assembly where President of both countries delivered their optimistic speeches for better relations, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) and Israel were played into fears. As usual the MKO propaganda groups held rally outside the UN chanting slogans against the newly elected Iranian President.

On the same side of the anti-Iran alliance, the Israeli Prime Minister “Benjamin Netanyahu voiced deep skepticism about the new Iranian President’s outreach to the west, saying the world “should not be fooled”. Terrified by a likely normalized relationship between Iran and the US, Netanyahu said Rouhani’s address was filled with “hypocrisy”. [1]

While the Iranian president said his nation is ready to restart stalled negotiations over its nuclear program, the MKO propaganda rally wants to “halt Obama administration from carrying out talks with Hassan Rouhani.” [2]

In his 50-minute address to the UN General assembly, Obama said he will use the remainder of his term to pursue better relation with Iran in the hope of resolving the controversy surrounding its nuclear program. President Obama told the UN that he had instructed Secretary of State John Kerry to explore contacts with Iran.[3]

On Sep. 27, the Iranian Foreign minister Javad Zarif and his American counterpart held their first private meeting following the meeting on the sidelines of General Assembly between foreign minister of US, UK, France, Russia, China, Germany and Iran over Iranian nuclear program. US secretary of State John Kerry said after meeting Dr. Zarif that it was “constructive “.[4] As Euronews puts, “It is a moment many have been impatiently waiting for, the breaking of more than thirty years of ice between Iran and the United States,” it is also the moment that many including the MKO and Israel have feared for many years.

Bad news continues for Netanyahu and Maryam Rajavi. Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani also held the first direct talks between American and Iranian leaders since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, exchanging pleasantries in a 15-minute telephone call on Friday that raised the prospect of relief Tehran from crippling economic sanctions, reported the Guardian.[5]

While the MKO’s propaganda websites prefer to keep silent over the enormously broadcasted news of the highest level contacts between leaders of Iran and the United States and the reportedly positive talks between secretary Kerry and Dr. Zarif, in a Press Conference held at the White House, Obama said he and Rouhani had directed their teams to work quickly toward an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. [6]

Regarding the reactions to such historic phone call in both Iran and the United States , Alex Johnson of NBCNews states that American Republicans were” scoffed” by the news of President Obama’s telephone call. He reports that the speaker of US House of Representatives, John Boehner accused Obama of preferring to talk to “Iranian dictators over talking to them.”[7]

This is not a coincidence that Mr. Boehner belongs to the list of well-paid American politicians who sponsor the MKO’s war-crisis mongering campaign to stop any diplomatic effort in US-Iran relations. In September 2012 on the eve of MKO’s removal from list of Foreign Terrorists Organizations of the US State Department, the Guardian presented a relatively detailed account of large amounts of money paid by the MKO to buy sponsors in the US Congress. Chris McGreal of the Guardian wrote of John Boehner as one of the receivers of donations by the American Society of Texas, a MKO-affiliated group that paid more than 110,000 in fees to campaign for delisting the group.[8]

John Boehner is not alone among those MKO-paid politicians who do not favor the improvement of US-Iran relations. Other former US officials generously paid by the group, spoke at the rally which was “a well–orchestrated affairs”, according to the author of Mondoweiss piece. “The group seems flush with cache”, he write.[9]

In the MKO-run rally outside the UN, Tuesday, some other prominent figures of warmongers appeared. Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Rhode Island Democratic Representative Patrick Kennedy, and former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele delivered speeches to support the MKO and to stop Obama administration from negotiating with Iranian president. [10]

Kane notices, “Kennedy, along with Bolton, Giuliani and Steele have all received handsome speaking fees in the past from MEK – affiliated organizations.”[11]

Kane also reports of other participants at the rally who included Americans from around the country-some of whom “didn’t have a clue what it was all about”. He refers to the words of one attendee who had their tickets, food and hotel paid for by the organizers of the rally. Photos of black demonstrators with images of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi on the shirts mark the MKO's masquerade in New York. [12]

In his address at the general Assembly President Obama notifies that his government is not seeking to overthrow the Iranian government. No public support, no power.

By Mazda Parsi



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