Basirat exhibition at a technical high school in Mashhad

Aiming to provide a review on various aspects of the old and the new hypocrite movements, Habilian Association organized a Basirat exhibition at a technical high school in Mashhad.

During the event, the exhibitors were provided with texts and posters conveying information on various topics including: cultish trainings in Mujahedin e-Khalq organization (MKO, MEK), moral corruption of the MKO cult leaders, MKO’s treasons during the 8-year long Iraqi imposed war on Iran, MKO’s crimes in Iraq, MKO’s alignment with other known terrorist groups, some documents regarding MKO receiving money and arms from Saddam, MKO’s brainwashing techniques, mandatory (ideological) divorces, spying on Iranian nuclear facilities on behalf of United States and the Zionist Regime, mortar attacks against Iranian citizens by the MKO.

MKO’s crimes in 2008-Ashura riots, the cult’s recruitment efforts in universities, Mousavi’s legal committee and its ties with the MKO, and similarities between the new and the old hypocrite movements were among other topics in the exhibition.

Another part of the exhibition was dedicated to reviewing the post-2008 election riots in Iran.

At the closing ceremony of the exhibition, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, Habilian Association’s Secretary General, addressed a large number of students and teachers of the school.