Martyr Seyed Mohammad Sharifi

Name: Seyed Mohammad Sharifi

Date of Birth: March 21, 1962

Place of Birth: Bandar Anzali

Marital Status: Amol Forest

Date of Martyrdom: November 14, 1981

Born in 1962, Seyyed Mohammad Sharifi helped his father with carpentry work and attended the school at the same time. He finished his school years in his hometown. He was very enthusiastic about reciting the holy Quran, and attended the Quranic sessions.

When the anti-Shah protests broke out in Iran, he along with other oppressed Muslims became active to topple the Pahlavi dynasty and to establish the Islamic Revolution.

After the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979, Sharifi became involved in distributing supplies to the people of Bandar Anzali. Having good moral characteristics, Seyed Mohammad Sharifi was appointed as the warden and spared no effort to solve the problems of prisoners.

Finally in 1981, he was killed in Amol Forest in northern Iran by MKO terrorists, where he was sent to struggle with members of the terrorist group who had threatened the security of people. The merciless traitors even burned his dead body.