Martyr Akbar Shokrgozar

Name: Akbar Shokrgozar

Date of Birth: April 1, 1955

Place of Birth: Astaneh Ashrafieh

Date of Martyrdom: January 4, 1983

Marital Status: Married (father of a child)

Born into a devout family in 1955, Akbar Shokrgozar learned how to read Quran in Maktab, old-fashioned schools in Iran, before he went to school.

He attended night school while working to make a living, and recieved his diploma in 1978 in mathematics. Then he started his military service, and spent the short period of military training in Isfahan. However, this was coincided with the Islamic Revolutionary of Iran and he did not continue his military service at the behest of Imam Khomeini.

After the Islamic Revolutionary, Shokrgozar along with many of his religious brothers joined the military units for the security of their neighborhood. Then he was called up to Maragheh region in Azarbaijan, northwestern Iran. Later, he commanded the IRGC in his hometown.

When the Iraqi dictator invaded Iran in early 1980s, Shokrgozar led the team dispatched to the western parts of Iran.

Back in his hometown, he was appointed as the IRGC intelligence commander and played a major role in the peace and security of the urban and rural areas when the members of Mujahedin-e Khalq organization caused much insecurity.

He got married in 1981 and had a girl.

On January 4, 1983, Akbar Shorgozar was shot dead by members of the terrorist MKO group, when he was leaving mosque for home.