Perverse Cults Exhibition at Imam Reza Cultural Complex

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Association held Basirat Exhibition at Imam Reza Cultural Complex in Mashhad.

Coincided with “Dealing with Soft War” training courses for the managers of Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Khorasan Razavi, the exhibition was intended to increase the knowledge of the officials on the perverse Bahaism sect and Hojjatieh Society.

The exhibition presented the visitors with a number of unknown aspects of Baha’ism, its foundation and intellectual and practical deviations over and above some of its nonsensical codes of law, such as the legitimacy of Bahai followers’ marriage with their blood relatives.

The exhibition also dealt with the intellectual and doctrinal deviations of Hojjatieh Society since its establishment in 1953, large-scale relations between this society and SAVAK, financial documents of the group, its different types of advertising and recruitment technique.

Ali Akbar Raefipour, an expert on Zionism, Saeed Tashakkori, political deputy of Khorasan Razavi Corps of IRGC, as well as heads of Culture and Islamic Guidance Offices of Neishabour, Sabzevar, Qouchan, Kashmar, Gonabad, and Fariman were among the distinguished visitors of the exhibition.

It is noteworthy to mention that some officials from other cities requested the holding of this exhibition in their cities.