Basirat Exhibition at Kamyab Teacher Training Center

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Association held a week-long Basirat Exhibition at Kamyab teacher training center in Mashhad.

The visitors were provided with numerous posters presenting the new and old forms of Hypocrisy, Mujahedin-e Khalq’s long history of violence and terror, internal relations and human rights violations within the cult of Rajavi

Complex brainwashing methods, ideological revolution, in the terrorist cult of Rajavi, in which married couples were forced to divorce, self-immolations, MEK intelligence-gathering operations on behalf of Israeli Zionists and the United States were amongst the main parts of the exhibition.‎

The visitors had also an opportunity to view images and documents analyzing the 2009 post-presidential election unrests, Mujahedin-e Khalq’s role in the events and the introduction of the seditionists’ leaders.

Habilian Foundation’s software and multimedia products about the nature of terrorist groups and the crimes deviant political streams and terrorist groups like MKO committed in Iran and the damages they have so far caused to the country as well as relevant videos were shown on the sideline of the exhibition.