Basirat Exhibition at Mashhad Int’l Expo

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Association held Basirat Exhibition on the sidelines of the Leisure and Social Vitality Exhibition at Mashhad International Expo.

The week-long exhibition provided a wide range of information regarding the terrorist MKO group as well as perverse sects of Bahaism and Hojjatieh Society.

The information on the Hujjateieh Society included: foundation of the Hojjatieh Society, intellectual and ideological deviations of the Society’s leaders since it was established in 1953, large-scale relations between the sect and SAVAK, financial documents of it, their different types of advertising and recruitment techniques.

Bahaism sect, the role it played during the 2009 post-election riots, and their recruitment techniques were among the most important subjects of the exhibition concerning Bahaism.

Habilian experts made speeches on the subjects of the exhibition and relevant films were played for the visitors.

Dr Mahmoud Salahi, former Governor General of Khorasan Razavi province, general Mohhamd Ghaffari nejad, Khorasan Razavi governorate's security and politics deputy, Ali Akbar Hashemi Javaheri, Director General of Youth and Sports Affairs of Khorasan Razavi province were among the most distinguished visitors of the exhibition.