Martyr Qolamhossein Zahmatkesh

Name: Qolamhossein Zahmatkesh

Date of Birth: ‎‏1941‏

Place of Birth: Khomam, Rasht

Marital Status: Married (father of a child)‎

Date of Martyrdom: May ‎‏14‏‎, ‎‏1982‏

Place of Martyrdom: Gilan University

Qolamhossein Zahmatkesh was born in ‎‏1941‏‎ into a devout Muslim Family. When he finished his ‎school years, Zahmatkesh attended an Islamic Seminary and became a cleric.‎

After the Islamic Revolution, Zahmatkesh spared no effort to consolidate the pillars of the ‎nascent revolution. He served in the Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution, which its main ‎goal was to provide accommodation for impoverished people and those affected by disasters. ‎

Showered with bullets in the street near the University of Gilan in May 14, 1982, Qolamhossein Zahmatkesh was brutally murdered. The murderer was a member of the terrorist MKO group.‎