Martyr Morteza Khodadadi

Name: Morteza Khodadadi

Date of Birth: November ‎‏25‏‎, ‎‏1949‏

Place of Birth: Torbat-e Heidarieh

Marital Status: Married (Father of a child)‎

Date of Martyrdom: December ‎‏26‏‎, ‎‏1981‏

Place of Martyrdom: Port of Anzali (Bandar Anzali)‎

Morteza Khodadadi was born on November ‎‏25‏‎, ‎‏1949‏‎ into a poor family from Torbat-e Heidarieh ‎County, Khorasan Razavi Province, who made a living from small farming.‎

He attended the Seminary when he was ‎‏13‏‎, where he could gain Islamic Sciences. After a while, ‎he moved to Mashhad to further his studies. There he got to receive his diploma in experimental ‎sciences as well. He got married in ‎‏1979‏‎ and had five children.‎

When the riots erupted across the country against the Shah dictatorship, Morteza Khodadadi led ‎the protest rallies in Bandar Anzali and revealed the true face of US-backed Pahlavi regime. ‎Although SAVAK had issued a warrant for her arrest, Khodadadi managed to escape from ‎custody. ‎

After the victory of Islamic Revolution under the great leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, ‎Morteza Khodadadi was charged with the Imam’s representation in Construction Jihad (Jihad-e ‎Sazandegi) and served in this organization.‎

Khodadadi used to encourage the youth to join the troops in warfronts when Saddam invaded ‎Iran in ‎‏1980‏‎. ‎

When MKO members assassinated high ranking officials in Iran, Khodadadi revealed the evil face of the ‎assassins. He always emphasized that all people have ‎to obey Imam Khomeini until the last drop of blood has left in their body.‎

After the bombing of Prime Minister’s Office in ‎‏1981‏‎, people took to streets of Bandar Anzali to protest ‎the assassinations. Khodadadi shouted: “O’ hypocrites (a word used for MKO in Iran); you ‎cannot bring the revolution to its knees by these heinous and inhumane actions, and you just ‎uncover your true face.”‎

Seeing that Khodadadi’s existence would lead to their annihilation, MKO decided to kill him. ‎Finally, on December ‎‏26‏‎, ‎‏1981‏‎, MKO members killed Khodadadi by throwing a hand grenade ‎into his house.‎