Ex-member unveils MKO’s anti-U.S. position

In an open letter to Dr. Rita Süssmuth, Chair of the European Union’s High-Level Group on Social Integration of Ethnic Minorities, a former member of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and PMOI) revealed the anti-U.S. positions of the terrorist group.

According to a report by Habilian Foundation website, Nasrin Ebrahimi’s letter posted on Iranian Pen Club website contained her experience gained through one decade of life in the terrorist cult, including the cult’s anti-U.S. and anti-human rights stance.

She firstly expressed her sadness at the presence of Rita Süssmuth at the MKO’s rally in Villepinte in June 23.

She went on to say that MKO’s rallies in Paris are aimed to “deceive the American politicians” and to conceive the world they enjoy the support of the Iranian people.

She then called MKO “an inhumane organization, against Iranian people, and against the women’s rights.”

Ebrahimi then gave details of the terrorist group’s treatment towards women, saying that Masoud Rajavi, leader of the group, “has been using the women in this organization as tools to preserve his leadership power and keep his ideological supremacy and hegemony upon the members of this organization consecutively and forever.”

Ebrahimi added that a great number of women in this cult were mandated to remove their wombs.

Referring to hundreds of terrorist operations of MKO, she said that the group has “formally and officially supported the Al-Qaida terrorist organization.”

She added that currently the terrorist group does not perpetrate any terrorist operations “but in the future they will use any chance and opportunity to carry out their terrorist assassinations and violent deeds.”

Bringing examples of Masoud Rajavi’s anti-U.S. position, Ebrahimi said “Rajavi ordered directly to celebrate this catastrophic event through different banquets and gatherings.” “Rajavi said: this is the fundamentalist Islam which has created such event (9/11), let wait for the revolutionary Islam when it will emerge like a typhoon.”

She made reference to the anti-U.S. books and documents kept at Camp Ashraf before U.S. invasion on Iraq in 2003, and said that the MKO leadership “ordered burning and annihilating” them all, so that “there was not any sign of those books and films.”

“The people’s mujahedin organization has not renounced and denounced its violent record yet and for this reason every year they commemorate the anniversaries of its different killings and the violence through celebration and banquet.”

In the end, she warned against the dangers of delisting Mujahedin-e khalq from the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, adding that delisting MEK will pave the way for this organization to commit more acts of terror and violence and that it is a “threat against the Iranian and the American people.”