Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (27)

I must add that both Rajavi himself and the Organization's central cadre got extremely panicky when they realized that they had to justify their horrible crimes and actions to the people and history.


20th, 1981

Now, let us glance at the events after June 20. The position of the student forces after that date can be understood more clearly if we consider two sections: One is the Relations Section, which was the main channel for relations with people and absorption of forces, and the other was the Military Section. The Relations Section's task was to gain converts and train them. The Military Section was in charge of terrorist operations in the city. The Relations Section was the main channel for the propagation of the hypocrites' lines among people and their supporters in the Organization, for it comprised mainly students and those social classes that had contact with people and especially the students whose contacts were wider.

Here we study the hypocrites' claim to having a social base. How do social base and public support manifest themselves? Do they do so in anything but intellectual, political, guild and supply supports? Now you can see to what extent the hypocrites secured this support. The student forces of the western Tehran zone did not have a proper understanding of facts after June 20, and were persuaded, with a superficial explanation by the hypocrites to participate in an armed combat. They had no motives for using weapons against the people. Moreover, as they lacked military efficiency, after June20th and the commencement of terrors and crimes, especially after the fearful calamity of June 28th that had greatly roused public rage, most of the student forces of the western zone had to go into hiding. Many of them were compelled to sleep in streets, parks, under bridges and such places, since the people refused them the least support.

To clarify matters, we refer to the official figures of the Organization itself. When it was reported that no support was forthcoming, no facilities were being provided by the people and no house was opened to them, they argued: «You are lying. We are in the right and people greatly support us. You do not know how to treat the people. If you remove their doubts, they welcome you.»

Then they explained to the students their mistakes in dealing with the people: «Go and explain the questions to the people and remove their doubts. They will then give you every facility.» In the same connection, they resorted to a general mobilization, and the western zone was the first place to carry this out. After the expiration of the envisaged time and the receipt and summing up of reports, not even 1% had been added to the provision of facilities and public support, and the crisis went on as before.

Or to cite an example of armed demonstration, what was the role of the individual in the Relations Section? They formed either a part of the crowd or were given demolition tasks. Military tasks belonged to the Military Section. When the directive was given for armed demonstrations, it was declared: «People's revolutionary potential is very high. We are lagging behind society. We are being diverted to the right. We are now in a more evolved phase than we were at the Shah's time, and people expect great deeds.»

When the forces started their demonstrations, matters were made worse. Reports were received as to why the people did not support the hypocrites and why they did not enter the scene. There were also reports that some people stood with their fists before the military teams shouting slogans. Even those who were indifferent moved away their cars and other things to prevent anyone from entrenching themselves behind them.

You see how hateful the hypocrites' acts were to the people. But the Organization's leadership declared that the government has embarked on a reign of terror. Which explanation further increased their supporters' confusion? Why?

Because you remember that the hypocrites claimed that within two months, the question of sovereignty would be solved and the revolution would be victorious because the Organization was placed in a phase more evolved than that of the time of the Shah, since revolutionary potential breaks up the atmosphere of terror and fear. The events of September show that in spite of the savage suppression, the people were more inspired by offering more blood, owing to a high revolutionary spirit.

Thus one finds how their claims were based on false grounds. I must add that both Rajavi himself and the Organization's central cadre got extremely panicky when they realized that they had to justify their horrible crimes and actions to the people and history. So out of fear, they fled to the arms of their masters. Rajavi, in his annual summing up, spoke of terror and fear, whereas this traitor who spoke thus in the Islamic Republic, was himself the one who gave military directives to his forces to create terror in the hearts of the people, a point which our other brethren in the Military Section will elaborate. The hypocrites' aim was to terrorize the hezbullahis. You see how this person who claims that people do not enter the scene out of fear, himself gives directives aimed at terror. This shows that fear pothered them and traitor Rajavi himself.

After a time, they explained that the struggle is a class struggle which not everyone takes part in. This explanation did not only fail to help matters for them but on the contrary, proved disastrous. They said: «Well, where is the field of our activity?» For under the political conditions, anyone who was placed high in charge of the Students' Section in the southern zone of Tehran was soon wearied and exhausted, since no one in that district welcomed the Organization's lines and the people paid no attention to them or to their programs. It had become a problem for us that our team houses and arrangements were mostly up-town and in the center of the city. No one dared step beyond the axis of Inghelab (Revolution) avenue, southward. How can you then say that the struggle is a class one?

If you remember, in the last session, our sister threw light on the extent of the hypocrites' influence among the masses (namely laborers and workers). The only thing left for me to say is that the struggle was a class struggle in the sense that on one side were the deprived and oppressed people of society led by Imam Khomeini, who in spite of economic difficulties, scarcities and dissatisfaction, were always present on the scene and continued their support of this regime and on the other side, were the groups of hypocrites and the rest of the anti-revolutionaries, namely, royalists, the National Front, Aminis, etc.


Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (26)