'MEK cheered as Twin Towers collapsed on 9/11'

A group of Paris-based former Mujahedin-e Khalq members wrote an open letter to Hillary Clinton revealing some true aspects of the terrorist group to the U.S. Secretary of State.


These days, we are watching the unbridled endeavors of the members of the Rajavi terrorist-religious cult and their lobbies in USA and Europe to force you to delist their organization from the US state department terrorist list. the pmoi or Rajavi’s terrorist-religious cult always intends to reach to its goals by using force , pressure and imposition . we congratulate you because of your resistance and persistence for the continuation of the US state department research and investigation about this notorious organization. we as the former members of Rajavi’s national liberation army and the veterans of pmoi with more than 2 decades record of service in this organization besides our appreciation for your resistance and US state department , we are ready to fully cooperate with you and US state department as reliable sources and witnesses to show you the reality of this cult and its real essence whenever and wherever is suitable . the reason that we want to cooperate with you is because we believe the silence of the people like us who have witnessed the terrorist essence of this cult is a treason to the future generations and Iranian people as well as other countries specially USA.

Mrs. Clinton , everyday we follow the news about this cult and unfortunately we usually see that the members of this cult unilaterally in your country by the support of their American lobbies(former politicians and prominent figures) participate in variety of sessions , meetings in Washington and unilaterally they define and admire themselves without any objections because the scene is full of their supporters and lobbies so the reality of their essence is not revealed utterly because there is no dissident and witness in that meeting to stand up and show his or her complaint against the lies which the representatives of this cult says about the content of this cult .

Mrs. Clinton, as you have already heard that the pmoi threw a big party and banquet in Bagherzadeh garrison in Baghdad exactly in the same day that the Al Qaeda terrorists pounded the American airplanes to the twin towers and killed more than 3000 innocent people on 9/11. we were in that banquet and we saw by our own eyes that the leadership of pmoi, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and the pmoi leadership council were forcing the members to show their appreciation of such terrorist act against innocent people . on that day , pmoi leadership threw a party in that garrison and they showed us the horrible scenes of 9/11 over and over again on the wide screens and they were forcing the members to clap their hands and admire such horrible human catastrophe and by the order of the pmoi leaders they distributed pastry and cookie among the members for the death of 3000 people. We are really sorry for the pmoi American lobbies who are supporting a terrorist organization which celebrated for the death of 3000 American citizens.

Mrs. Clinton , the Rajavi’s cult has been trying its best to delist itself from the US state department terrorist list by spending millions of dollars and by throwing glamorous and extravagant meetings and gatherings in Europe specially in France to deceive and delude the minds of the politicians specially the US state department to delist them from the terrorist list, but we the former members of this cult , emphasize the following facts:

1-The people’s Mujahedin organization is a terrorist religious cult and a dangerous one.

2-The Rajavi’s cult has not renounced the violence and terrorism substantially and basically and they will begin the violence and terrorism in the appropriate time again.

3-The Rajavi’s cult is an undemocratic cult and they do not believe substantially in the freedom of speech and the freedom of thoughts.

4-The Rajavi’s cult does not have any popularity whatsoever among the Iranian people for this reason they are isolated and segregated from the rest of the Iranian population.

Mrs. Clinton , we believe that the pmoi is a terrorist organization and they should remain in your terrorist list . if you need our testimony about this terrorist religious cult , we would be more than happy to submit more facts about this organization whenever and wherever you need. Do not forget , we are the eyewitnesses who are capable of dissecting the real content and essence of this horrible organization. we believe the honesty in telling the truths is the most precious element in determination of the pmoi fate.


A group of the former members of pmoi