“Basirat Exhibition” in capital city of Markazi

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Foundation set up an exhibition in the capital city of Markazi province, Arak.

The exhibition contained Habilian’s 7-year achievements in soft war and cyber warfare against enemies of Islam and Islamic Revolution of Iran.

MKO’s bloody history of terror and violence against innocent people, their internal relations and the way their gang leaders treat the rank and file members, their complicated manipulation and brainwashing systems, and their treason during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, were among the main parts of the exhibition introduced to the visitors.

The exhibition also presented a number of posters revealing human rights violations within the cult of MKO, including complex brainwashing methods, their ideological revolution and compulsory divorces, forced self-immolations, etc.

The Friday prayer leader of Arak and the Supreme Leader’s representative in the Markazi Province Ayatollah Dorri Najaf Abadi made remarks at the exhibition calling Imam Khomeini’s struggles as the epitome of steadfastness in the ideals of Islam and Islamic Revolution.

He then emphasized on the constant unity of the people against the myriad conspiracies of external enemies and internal seduced, adding “we cannot remain silent in the face of an enemy which every day hatches a new plot.”

Ayatollah Dorri Najaf Abadi went on to say that the religious government in Iran is the fruit of Imam Khomeini’s efforts.

Another speaker at the conference, Hojjat-ol-Islam Amini Nia presented an examination into the history of the Baha’i perverted sect, their influence into the Pahlavi monarchy, and the widespread support of the hegemonic powers for the deviant sect.

Amini Nia also talked about the perversions of the Hujjatieh, as a sect which has been deviated from original principles of Islam.