“Basirat Exhibition” in Yazd

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Foundation held Basirat Exhibition at Yazd University of Medical Sciences.

The exhibition was organized to enlighten the academics about the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization and their activities inside Iran.

The main parts of exhibition included: MKO’s long history of violence and terror, moral corruption of the cult leaders, including financial fraud and advertising scams, internal relations and human rights violations within the cult (complex brainwashing methods, their ideological revolution and compulsory divorces, forced self-immolations, etc).

The visitors were also provided with documents about the crimes MKO have so far committed in Iraq as Saddam’s private army and their assisting the Iraqi dictator in massacre of Iraqi Kurds and suppression of the Shiites Intifada in 1991.