‘Rajavi taken his own members as hostages’

One of the former members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group has written an open letter to Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq’s prime minister, and has warned him against the notorious cult of Rajavi.

My name is Shahrooz Tajbakhsh and I am the former member of pmoi (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran), I am currently living in Germany.

Mr. Maleki,

I as a human rights activist and as a critic and dissident of this cult would like to thank your government because of the expulsion of this organization from Iraq soil which is in your government agenda for the end of 2011. I hope this expulsion causes the release of those stranded members.

We have become more worried about destiny of our friends and the pmoi dissident members who at the moment are captive inside this organization. The consecutive pmoi deterrent policies in the relocation process and procedure which has begun seriously under direct UN-supervision shows that the pmoi leadership is willing to draw this peaceful relocation process to scuffle and insurgency and unrest.

I think that the most important step in this mission is to arrest the pmoi leaders and the operatives at first to free the stranded members. Maryam Rajavi wants to prevent the Iraqi government from its national sovereignty right upon Ashraf as well as entering the camp by begetting bloodshed and carnage and mass destruction.

 Massoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo who both later became the leaders of pmoi outside of Iran, they converted their organization to a very dangerous religious cult.

At this path of digression and metamorphosis,

-They caused inter organizational clean up, imprisonment and incarceration and slaying of the dissidents.

-The pmoi members were forced to experience the forcible collective divorce.

-The children got separated from their parents and they were sent to European and American countries to different families or they were sent to the pmoi different bases. Those children were forced to do forced labor. Pmoi was taking their money, which was designated to them by the host countries, and they put it in their own pockets. This extortion is another story which I do not intend to mention it now.

-The members of this organization have been under severe and permanent brainwashing and religious indoctrination and the dissidents in this organization have been severely mistreated, suppressed, beaten up, imprisoned and slain.

-The marriage in this notorious cult has been declared forbidden since 20 years ago and recent separated members of this cult have announced that Massoud Rajavi, the spiritual leader of this cult has taken advantage of the married women sexually in his Harem in this cult.

-Watching TV, listening to the radio, reading newspaper and anything which upgrades the intelligence among the members are forbidden.

There are lots of other problems which exist in this cult but it is impossible to mention all in this letter.

At this moment Rajavi has taken his own members as hostages inside the Ashraf camp and does not allow them to choose what they want and even he does not allow them to meet their parents and relatives who have come from Iran to visit them.


Shahrooz Tajbakhsh