‘MKO’s meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs reversed my stand’

In an email sent Tuesday morning to Habilian Foundation, a senior member of al-Iraqiya bloc and former MKO supporter described the group members' presence in Iraq as “irritating” and called on the government to expel them from Iraq.

After a report regarding giving his vocal support to terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, Mash’an al-Saadi sent a letter to Habilian denying the charge of speaking on behalf of the group.

Although, on several occasions, al-Saadi has spoken in favor of MKO terrorists, he censured some pro-MKO media for fabricating statements and falsely attributing those statements to him, adding, “I have not spoken in favor of the group for a long time.”

Earlier in the week, a Baathist pro-MKO website quoted al-Saadi as saying that MKO is going to leave Iraq and government should keep their dignity by avoiding the relocation of them in Iraq.

“The only thing caused me to change my stand in this matter was MKO’s ceaseless meddling in the Iraq’s internal affairs,” he added.