Kobler: Finding home for MKO “the most difficult part of the story”

UN Special Representative Martin Kobler asserts that the most difficult part of MKO members' relocation is to find homes for their resettlement after they leave Iraq.

According to Habilian Foundation (families of Iranian terror victims), Martin Kobler told Foreign Policy magazine on Monday that finding homes for the MEK members when they leave Iraq “is the most difficult part of the story.”

“The whole process only will succeed if all the 3,200 find countries who will take them into their borders.”

Referring to the United Nations’ conference on March 27 in Geneva, Kobler said, “The response was not overwhelming.”

Kobler disputed the claims made by the MEK and its long list of American advocates that the Camp Liberty site is not fit for human occupation.

"Camp Liberty is a place where 5,500 American soldiers lived for many, many years... What worked for 5,500 people should also work humanitarian wise for 3,200 Camp Ashraf residents," he said.

At an MEK-sponsored conference in Paris former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani described Camp Liberty as a “concentration camp.”

“Spend your energies not so much on attacking the United Nations or others. Spend your energies to convince your governments to take them into your countries,” he said addressing the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists’ supporters