The courageous that need encouragement

The US forces are at last preparing to abandon the soil they once occupied to bring down Saddam. The time has come to gradually hand over the control of the war-torn country to the rival Parties that are conferring to reach a consensus to form a potential government hopped to well govern Iraq after the coalition forces have left. But in an area less than an hour's drive from Baghdad is located the base which has turned into Mojahedin Khalq Organization’s purgatory, Camp Ashraf. It has turned to a bad time for anybody to be a pro-MKO in Iraq or in abroad since 2003 since the US is no longer offering its promised protection and has openly announced that its forces will relinquish control of the camp next month. And it has disappointed the leaders of the organization more than any time since they see the camp is to be abandoned at a time when they are in desperate need of protection.


Long suppressing the insider dissidents and opponents through the granted aid of Saddam’s notorious suppressive measures and systems, an out-let was set before these dissenters to get rid of the clutches of the terrorist cult just the day after Saddam’s fall and so far about six hundred have succeeded, by the help of humanitarian organization and the ICRC, to return home or take refuge in other countries as they willed. But the process actually came to a halt by the close cooperation of the US forces and other propaganda measures and disinformation activities when Rajavi began renewing his promises of imminent overthrow of the Iranian regime. However, all these ploys and granted protections have proved unproductive and the enslaved seem to be anxiously in search of an exit to escape the purgatory.


Besides Iraqi Government’s determination as well as the US forces’ decision to close down the Camp, which for sure leads the organization to the worst ever faced condition, a four-month long protest of the families whose children and relative are in the camp corroborate the granted opportunity for those who have made their mind to reclaim their identity as the free men. The indomitable courage of the families, who have established a small camp of their own to out-wait the organization’s obstinate refusal to comply with their request of visiting their children, is in fact summoning the global attention and waking the human conscience to have a hand in the salvation of the beguiled victims before the organization hit its doomed destiny. One thing is for certain that the organization will not survive in Iraq, but what is forgotten altogether is the fate of its members there. While it is being drawn to the precipice of its demise along with the majority of its victimized members suffering the harshest conditions of the hot Iraqi deserts, the real criminals and leaders are enjoying their luxurious, secure life in the pleasant suburbs of Paris.


Hardly any organization and delegation from any country has intervened so far to end the plight of the families and their entrapped children whose only separating barrier is a gate. That is simply because the cult leaders refuse to allow members to have any contact with the outside world and will not negotiate with external bodies. Although the Government of Iraq is responsible for the camp, officials have repeatedly stated that their hands are tied because the organization is being supported by American forces who have so far intervened on behalf of the MKO to stop the entrance of the families. Earlier, in a letter addressed to the US Ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, the families asked for his help in negotiating with MKO to give visiting rights. In a part they wrote: "Your government successfully arranged for the mothers of U.S. detainees in Iran to visit their children on compassionate grounds... But, if America can negotiate this with Iran, we certainly expect that you can negotiate with this small terrorist group so that its members can meet freely with their families".


But how can they be called humans and protectors of the human rights and freedom those who see these scenes and are deaf to the purest humane demands. The organization’s advocates have raised concern about the US departure from the area and the camp and that, it might lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. Looking at it from the angle that the organization is a terrorist cult capable of creating a human catastrophe, as it did when sent members ablaze onto the streets of European countries, yes they are right. And the families have gathered to prevent perish of their children. But is there anybody else to stand in their support?