Iraqi political analyst condemns MKO supporters

An Iraqi political analyst and advisor to the country’s prime minister denounced some countries’ support for the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, a.k.a. MKO) as “dishonorable”.

Referring to the delay in MKO’s expulsion from Iraq, Sa’ad al-Motallebi told Habilian’s correspondent in Iraq that the reason for this delay is the lack of commitment of those countries who had previously expressed willingness to take them in their countries.

He also made a reference to the politicians supporting the MKO and said, “Some politicians who have received money from the MKO not only supports the group but they also act on their behalf.”

The political expert said the reluctance of countries to accept these individuals in their countries may be due to the fact that these countries regard MKO members with suspicion.

Al-Motallebi underlined the necessity of the UN’s assistance in this issue, adding, “the UN has committed to lend a hand to Iraq in the expulsion of this group.”

He finally asserted that MKO members are not eligible for asylum in Iraq and Baghdad has the right to “expel them wherever in the world.” “But Baghdad has agreed to do the job in cooperation with the UN due to humanitarian issues.