Martyr Akbar Abbasi

Name: Akbar Abbasi

Date of Birth: 1936

Place of Birth: Isfahan

Marital Status: Married

Date of Martyrdom: August 28, 1986

Place of Martyrdom: Tehran

Born in 1936 in an honorable poor family in Isfahan, Akbar Abbasi experienced the tyranny of Pahlavi regime since the early years of his life. He couldn’t manage to go to school due to his family’s poor financial conditions and started working as a farmer to help his family, despite he was very interested in studying. After a while he immigrated to Tehran and was employed as a construction worker. He spent 25 painful years of his life in Tehran and supported his family in those miserable conditions. As he was a strong supporter of Islam and Imam Khomeini, Akbar Abbasi used to participate in many protests and opposed the tyranny of Shah before the victory of the Islamic Revolution. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he opened up a minimarket where he could sell dairy products. He used to defend the Islamic Revolution even in his little shop and didn’t stop revealing the true nature of anti-revolutionary groups. His life was very simple. His sincerity, devotion and commitment to the Islamic Revolution were so pure that the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, MEK, NCRI, etc.) became an enemy of him. The MKO tried out almost anything to eliminate him. They used to send him threatening letters and thought that such threats could stop him from supporting the Islamic Revolution. Finally on August 28, 1986, after the MKO found out the threats had no impact on him, 2 MKO agents blew up his shop using a hand grenade and Akbar Abbasi was martyred in the attack.

When asked about how her father was martyred, Zohreh Abbasi, the daughter of martyr Abbasi said he had informed his wife and his parents of his martyrdom a few days before the MKO’s terrorist attack.

The MKO agents had a suspicious activity near his house a few while before they assassinated martyr Abbasi, as his daughter says: “It was a while since the neighbors had reported suspicious activity of MKO agents in the Park near our house. The MKO elements had entered my father’s shop with different excuses. On August 28, my father went to his shop near the sunset. Two MKO elements had also gone there, pretending to buy some drinks. My father had given them the drinks and told them to leave the bottles there as he was leaving the shop himself to take a short break. When my father arrived home, he drank a cup of tea and performed ablution in order to offer Salah (Prayer). After a short while he heard a sound from his shop and went back there quickly. When he reached his shop, a bomb blew up and injured him severely. My brother took him to the hospital but his wounds were so deep that he couldn’t survive and was martyred after a few days.”

Those MKO agents who had assassinated martyr Abbasi were later arrested when they were robbing a bank. The terrorists confessed they had planned to assassinate martyr Abbasi in his shop.