Martyr Ali Aghaei

Name: Ali Aghaei

Date of Birth: 1963

Place of Birth: Isfahan

Date of Martyrdom: June 25, 1983

Place of Martyrdom: Kurdistan

Ali was born in a religious family in Ebrahimabad village, near Shahrood, Semnan province. He was one and half a year old when his father, Yadollah, passed away. Ali finished high school successfully and as the Iranian nation’s Revolutionary movement against the rule of the Shah had started, he became an active member of protests against the tyranny of the Pahlavi regime. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he joined Basij in order to help organize it. He took a 1.5-month long specialized training course in Hamzeh Garrison No.21. After the Iraqi imposed war on Iran started, he joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). He then became a military trainer at the Garrison.

Ali Aghaei was dispatched to the warzone on October 24, 1982 and participated in Moharram Operation. He also spent a few months in western Sardasht region.

Finally on June 25, 1983, he was martyred by anti-revolutionary forces. His body was transferred back to his hometown and laid to rest in Ebrahimabad.