Martyr Habibollah Latifi

Name: Habibollah Latifi

Date of Birth: 1962

Place of Birth: Asadabad

Marital Status: Married

Date of Martyrdom: July 29, 1988

Place of Martyrdom: Mersad operation, Western Islamabad

On November 22, 1962, a boy named Habibollah Latifi was born in Asadabad town. With his birth, he brought warmth to his hometown. Habibollah was a very talented wise boy. He was only six when his mother passed away and Habibollah grieved for his lost mother. But he had a pure strong soul and managed to cope with the sorrow and continued his sublimation, by seeking help from God. He was in the second grade of high school when the Islamic Revolution took place. Habibollah was able to take very effective measures against the Pahlavi regime.

After he took his diploma degree on 1981, he answered the call of Imam Khomeini and joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. He got married on 1982. Despite he had a family to take care of and like everyone else, he had some issues in his daily life, Habibollah Latifi stayed in battlefields from the beginning until the end of the 8-year long Iraqi imposed war on Iran and enthusiastically participated in many operations. His heart grieved for the loss of his friends who had been martyred during the war and finally, after years of fighting in the path of Allah, Habibollah completed his sublimation and was martyred by terrorist Mujahedin e-khalq organization in Mersad operation.

A part of martyr Latifi’s testament reads:

“In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the most merciful

Praise be to Allah, the lord of the worlds and may Allah bless prophet Mohammad and his purified family (P.B.U.T).

I thought so much about what to write, but anything passing through my mind, had formerly been told by others. So If I write anything, it is just a reminder which benefits the believers. (As said by holy Quran)

I felt the love of this world is chaining my hands and my legs or maybe my interest in it was getting stronger by any single day that passed of my life. Whenever in my loneliness, I thought of God and the Justice Day, or I was reminded of my martyred friends in Basij and the IRGC, I hated myself so much that I had decided to stop thinking so much about these issues. But I always felt sorry and ashamed from within. Just the imagination of the fact that there were so many brothers, younger than me, who used to bravely attack the enemy, but I couldn’t accompany them, was so hard on me and an inner call used to blame me. It was like my conscious had gone out of patience and made the life hard for me and that was why I was always seeking my lost….

At the end I ask you to send my regards to my dear Imam [Khomeini]. The light of his love has always kept my heart bright….”