Martyr Hadi Fazli

Name: Hadi Fazli

Date of Birth: June 4, 1962

Place of Birth: Maryanaj, Hamedan Province

Date of Martyrdom: July 29, 1988

Place of Martyrdom: Mersad operation, Kermanshah

It was the last few days of the winter when a child named Hadi was born in Maryanaj, Hamedan Province; the child who brought back the warmth to the frozen world around him. He was full of hope and love. Hadi spent his childhood in his hometown and could manage to finish the junior school. It was then when his thirsty soul came to know the glory of Imam Khomeini’s movement. As the Islamic Revolution took place, he reached one of his life’s turning points by joining the Basij.

He used to work laboriously in Basij in order to help strengthen the newly established Islamic government. As the war started, he joined his comrades at the battlefields and showed much bravery in different warzones. Martyr Fazli joined the AnsaralHossein devision’s unit of intelligence and operations where he accomplished many hard missions and made possible out of the impossible with the help from his brave friends. He never stopped fighting the enemy during the 8-year long Iraqi imposed war on Iran. Hadi grieved for many of his martyred friends but he never lost his patience in the path of Allah.

Finally on July 29, 1988, when he was leading the AnsaralHossein devision’s unit of intelligence and operations, he was martyred in Mersad operation.

A part of martyr Fazli’s testament reads:

“Thank you God for granting us Hussain (P.B.U.H). Oh God! How would we have known Islam if we hadn’t known about Hussain’s legacy in Karbala and the martyrdom of his loyal fellows or if we hadn’t heard of Zeinab’s sermons? How would we have known the bravery and sacrifice if it wasn’t for the legacy of Karbala’s leader and his loyal brother, Abbas (P.B.U.H)? So thank you for giving us all of that and thank you God for granting us our dear Imam [Khomeini], the beating heart of the world’s Muslims.

Deliver our message, the message of all martyrs, to the world; to the oppressed people of the world; all we said was that the authoritarianism, hypocrisy and selfishness must be condemned. The unjust must be fought and the ignorance shall be removed. Justice must be established and the tyranny shall be fallen. Prophet Mohammad’s ordinance should rule, not the kind of Islam promoted by the hypocrites. There must be peace and safety, not chaos and stress. God words shall be spoken, not the Satan’s. Yes, this is what we said and believed in. This is why they killed us and rode horses on our bodies, tore our corpses apart and bombarded our children. It is all because we say the right and support the oppressed by people of the world and oppose the tyrants.”