Martyr Mahdi Maleki

Name: Mahdi Maleki

Date of Birth: March 26, 1960

Place of Birth: Toisarkan

Date of Martyrdom: July 27, 1988

Place of Martyrdom: Kermanshah

Mahdi Maleki was born in 1960. He was a very talented student at the school and finished his preliminary studies successfully. Mahdi started the fight against the tyranny, dictatorship and the injustice since he was a teenager. He was arrested and interrogated many times for his anti Shah Regime activities but he never stopped fighting the regime and continued his activities up to the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Mahdi Maleki rushed to the battlefields when Iraq attacked the Islamic republic and showed much bravery in dangerous war positions. He was formally recruited by the 153rd battalion of the AnsaralHossein division in 1984. He was injured many times during the war. He had prepared himself for martyrdom and finally joined his martyr friends on July 27, 1988 in Mersad Operation.