Habilian's Basirat Exhibition in Arak

Habilian Association (families of Iranian terror victims) kicked off Basirat Exhibition on the ‎sidelines of the Mersad Operation Exhibition in Arak, southwest of the Markazi Province.‎

The visitor were provided with information about the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq group, its ‎long history of violence and terror, internal relations and human rights violations within the group, ‎and the role they played in the ‎‏2009‏‎ post-presidential election protests, as well as some information ‎regarding the deviant Hojjatieh Society and Bahai sect.‎

The exhibition was attended by some senior IRGC commanders, ‎Governor of Arak, Director-General of Education and Training in Markazi Province, Head of Imam ‎Khomeini Hospital in Arak, and the Dean of Islamic Azad University in Arak.

The foundation of Hojjatieh Society, ‎intellectual and ideological perversions of its founders, ‎its ‎extensive relations with SAVAK, ‎its ‎‏financial documents and propagation methods, recruitment ‎‎techniques, and introducing websites and satellite channels serving ‎interests of the group were among the ‎main subjects about the Hojjatieh Society.‎

The visitors were able to get information on the perverted Baha’ism sect, their role during the ‎Pahlavi dictatorship and the ‎‏2009‏‎ unrests in Iran, their propagation and recruitment techniques and ‎their threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran.‎

One of the most popular sections of the exhibition was the one which was dedicated to the assassinated ‎Iranian nuclear scientists.‎

The visitors, came from all walks of life, had also the opportunity to watch films related to the ‎exhibition.‎